Daniel Shao Flute

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Reviews and Comments



Journal of British Flute Society, March 2012

'The judges were unanimous in awarding the 1st Prize in Class B to Daniel Shao, for his masterful rendition of the Martin Ballade'

Review of Eastbourne Young Soloist Competition Final by Robin Gregory, February 2013

' Until, that is, we heard even younger Daniel Shao play his flute! The Bach Largo was meltingly delicious, and Borne’s Fantasy on Bizet’s Carmen was virtuosic but true to the original.'

Swindon Festival Chronicle, May 2013

'Brilliant young flautist Daniel Shao played a remarkable piece in tribute to Swindon’s railway heritage complete with whistles and musical steam.'

Swindon Festival of Literature Director's Blog, May 2013

'To finish the first half, a young man stepped up, smiled, put his flute to his lips, and blew us away. Well, he made me cry, with joy. Daniel Shao played Debussy’s Syrinx; new composer Kristina Arakelyan’s Window to the Street, based on a Franz Kafka poem; and, his two tours de force, The Great Train Race and Zoom Tube. The last two pieces both used the flute in frolicsome ways, with multiphonics, vocal input, and ‘jet-whistling’. This was terrific train stuff, as if written specially for Swindon. We loved it!'

Comments from judges

Eastbourne Young Soloist Competition 2013

'The Bach showed a very sweet sound and some well schooled ornamentation. The Carmen fantasy showed a superb technique with effortless breath control and good projection throughout the range.'

Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE adjudicating British Flute Society Competitions 2012

'A very well prepared performance with great intensity and drama! ... excellent technique'

Robin Kiel (Purcell School Concerto Competition)

'From the outset, Daniel displayed a brilliant technique with excellent use of dynamics and a secure intonation. He is a lovely, engaging player with good presence. He eloquently and musically conveyed the intensity of moods and emotions in the work alongside superb virtuoso skills. I thought that he created a beautiful tone across the whole range of the instrument. I believe that Daniel displayed real talent that will make him a joy to hear wherever he performs.'